Thankful Thursday - Friendship

Are we always laughing?  
"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."  ~Anaïs Nin

      I love this quote because it describes my relationship with my dear friend, fellow creative soul, and business partner, Penny Arrowood.  Our first meeting was unremarkable:  as a guest at a gathering of the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild, in the diminutive back room of a local craft store, I met many women that evening. Penny was busily taking notes on the proceedings, so I assumed she was the Guild's secretary (an assumption which turned out to be prophetic), and her enthusiastic welcome and genuine interest in my work was wonderful (you can read more about our Guild adventures here). 

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”  ~Linda Grayson

      From that unassuming, almost random beginning, a true friendship was born that thrives today.  We've shared many triumphs, weathered many a storm, and through it all, our affinity for each other (and a well-turned phrase, a well-engineered pop-up book, or a well-made chocolate bar) has grown.  The "new world" which has evolved from our friendship is Your Creative Connection, and we seek to share our vision of camaraderie, creative exploration, and community with you.

      Our first event, "Notes to Our Future Selves," is in just two days.  We are looking forward to presenting artful mixed media techniques and our third Teaching Artist Jeanne Faith d'Orleans, meeting new Creative Explorers, and giving just a taste of what's in store during our grand, mixed media retreat in October.  Sound like fun?  It's not too late to register. All of the details are here.  See you on Saturday! 

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Thankful Thursday - The Joys of Friendship and Collaboration

The past two weeks have provided ready reminders for much of which I am grateful, not the least of which the sense of completeness that has ensconced the happenings here at Your Creative Connection!  We are now a solid TRIO for all of the wonderment that is our October gathering at Haw River State Park (10/11-10/15, 2018).   This addition comes with some glorious strings attached, as our Special Guest Artist for Haw River ’18 is *among many other things* an incredible fiber artist!

For me, this collaboration represents the joining of two creative forces in my life – an alliance of two Tribes, so to speak…  The resulting energy has been a joy to behold!  Michelle and I had the opportunity to spend some time in the studio and at the planning table with our Guest Artist last weekend, and WOW – just:  wow!?  We have significantly upped the “mixed” portion of this unique, mixed media experience to wondrous ends!  …and I truly believe we have added to the very heart of it, as well.  Our friend and fellow creative adventurer brings her all to her artistic endeavors – her work unites heart, hands, and mind to amazing effect.

Please help us welcome our friend, collaborator, and creative hummingbird:  Jeanne Faith d’Orleans!  You can learn more about Jeanne, her creative process, and see more of her work on her Gallery Page.

We are thrilled for this creative connection, and are wildly excited for what lies ahead.  Speaking of which:  if you want to have the inside scoop on all things Your Creative Connection, please take a moment to become a Newsletter Subscriber.  You’ll get first dibs on all the latest news and announcements *up to a week ahead of everyone else!*  Hey, we are a low-volume affair and we’ll never sell/share your information with anyone.  We only want to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the exceptional goodness that is happening in the coming months!

Until we meet again!
 - PLA


Thankful Thursday - Art of the Carolinas

     As mentioned in last weeks Thankful Thursday post, Michelle and I have the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild (CMMAG) to thank for our ever having met.  In much the same way, we also have the CMMAG to thank for our 10-year association with this incredible event!  Every year artists, instructors, and vendors gather in Raleigh, NC on the 2nd weekend in November for Art of the Carolinas (AoC):  the largest Art Supply Tradeshow in the country – alongside 4 days of workshops in every medium you can think of (acrylics, colored pencils, encaustics, mixed media, oils, pastels, and watercolors)!  It’s like a Creative Circus – with wonderments to behold in every ring:  materials, workshops and demonstrations galore!

A moment of levity, as we look back on a decade of artful adventures at Art of the Carolinas (photo:  Laurel Rupe -- altered in the Prisma app)

A moment of levity, as we look back on a decade of artful adventures at Art of the Carolinas (photo:  Laurel Rupe -- altered in the Prisma app)

     In 2017, along with celebrating 10 years as the Workshop Faeries of Art of the Carolinas, we also celebrated a decade of Sponsorship by Strathmore Artist Papers.  Since the very 1st iteration of what was “The Make & Take Room,” and is now “The Try it Zone,” we have worked with Strathmore to promote and highlight their latest offerings at the show.  From Artist Trading Cards to Mixed Media Journals to Toned Sketching Paper to Artists Tiles to Toned Mixed Media Paper, they have provided the basis for the Member Artists of CMMAG to develop demonstrations geared to featuring the products of various Vendor Sponsors at the event.  This year, we also celebrated 9 years of partnership with GOLDEN Artist Colors and Ampersand; we welcomed new (to us) Sponsors:  Pebeo, Amsterdam/Royal Talens, Gel-Press, and Speedball/Akua.  We also had the pleasure of working again with the myriad offerings of Marabu.
     So, you may be wondering, what has all of this to do with Your Creative Connection?  Well, over the course of the past 10 years, we have discovered how well we work together and with others in organizing and executing a 4-day creative event.  We have also had reasons to revel in the expansion of our own creative community as a result of our affiliation with AoC.  All of this serves us well as we embark on our mission to establish Your Creative Connection as an event not-to-be-missed!  As we finalize all of the details, and add more creative wonders to the line-up, we are growing more and more excited for all that awaits our Creative Explorers in 2018! 

Tools of the Trade -- our constant companions for our time at AoC -- packed up and ready for our next encounter!

Tools of the Trade -- our constant companions for our time at AoC -- packed up and ready for our next encounter!

     Remember:  if you have not yet done so, please take a moment to subscribe to our Newsletter!  That will give you the inside track on all things Your Creative Connection.  There’s BIG news coming, and we don’t want you to miss any of it! 

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