Stitched and Woven


Mark Making

Jeanne Faith d'Orleans

I’m a Creative Hummingbird.
From Wikipedia: "Hummingbirds are highly sensitive to stimuli in their visual fields, responding to even minimal motion in any direction by reorienting themselves in mid flight."  Yes, that's me. I explore many different mediums to reflect my view of the world. As I go about my life, which includes lots of travel, I catch a glimpse of graffiti, a corner of a building, a lone flower growing out of a stone wall. I notice them and they each speak to me in some way, inspiring me to try my hand at my reinterpretation.
I still want to try so many more things than I’ve tried so far. Hundreds of images in my phone (or in my head) ready to offer in my own voice. In paint, fabric & thread, paper, in mixtures of materials I haven’t combined yet.
Yes, my body of work is wide versus singular and deep. A constant exploration and collaboration. A tangible result of my saying “Yes, and”. Making my mark. Weaving together different ways of expression. Building a collection of work that feeds my soul.