We are so pleased that you are here.  You have arrived at a place quite unlike any other! Are there other art events?  We know that there are; there are even other all-inclusive art events.  So, what is it that we believe sets Your Creative Connection events apart from the rest?  We’re delighted you asked!  Step into the circle.  
…let us explore the wonder that is Your Creative Connection!

Your Creative Connection is all about expanding your circles:  your circle of knowledge, your circle of like-minded women, your circle of experimentation, your circle of creative friends, your circle of acceptance, your circle of gratitude, your circle of comfort, and your circle of curiosity.  Think about ripples on the surface of the water.  They grow and expand rhythmically with the introduction of new input, right?  That is exactly what we provide at Your Creative Connection -- new input: people, techniques, materials, experiences, and more to gently expand all of your circles! Your Creative Connection is a unique media art experience designed by women for women. We provide memorable events to inspire creative discoveries.

Whether your creative space is a card table in a spare room or basement, or a dedicated, fully-equipped studio, Your Creative Connection events are for YOU.  We welcome artists (and those who aren’t quite ready to call themselves artists yet) to explore, expand, experiment, and exhale.

The world needs more of what we have to offer: collaborative endeavors, appreciation of making, creative thinking, strengthening our connections, and widening our circles.  It’s right there in our name, after all:  we are Your Creative Connection.

Does this pique your interest?  Please visit Our Story page for more of the story behind how a chance creative connection many years ago lead to this magical development for two artists who became creative adventurers and, along the way, great friends.  You’ll also find additional details on how we formulate our events.

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