Thankful, Thoughtful Thursday - Artist Self-Care

In an article entitled:  "Artist Retreats | Taking Time For Yourself and Your Art," the author extols the virtues of stepping out of the usual routine and finding a space and a place to recharge your creative batteries.  The article, given to me by my artist husband Stan, who supports me in all things creative and otherwise, details how artist retreats began in the early 1900s, "as if in response to the growing urban centers, the rumble of industry, and the increasing pace of life."  Sound familiar?  Even over 100 years later, we too often find the pace of our lives increasing (how many emails arrived after you just emptied your inbox today?), the demands upon our time too taxing (do I really have to sit in traffic every morning on the way to work?), and the need for extended moments of serenity (Serenity?  What's that?) is rarely fulfilled. Attending to life's myriad details, and also making time for your art can be challenging at best, and impossible at worst.  This paragraph about giving a gift of creative time to yourself resonated with me:

"The concept of retreat stems both etymologically and spiritually from the need to pull back. No doubt, this is the first and most valuable understanding, but I also like to think of the word as an opportunity to gift oneself again: to re-treat. When the world is a bother, a quiet refuge to make art is better than ice cream.  Artist retreats, therefore, can fill a spiritual need while also permitting a personal indulgence, revealing that only through tending to the self can artists produce the work they offer the world. It may be five minutes, five hours or five days, but only through retreat can someone stop rushing to the next thing and take the personal time necessary to arrive as an artist."

We at Your Creative Connection understand, and we will offer our version of artist self-care:  4 days of designated time away from your everyday schedule in a gorgeous, natural setting, with like-minded women who share your passion for creating beautiful things.  What could be better?  Three full days of expert instruction in mixed media techniques you can use immediately on new projects, as well as in your own work?  Yes, you'll have that.  Time to reflect upon your life and work as a Creative Explorer, alone or with a group of new friends?  Yes, you'll have that, too.  The ability to "unplug" from the world?  Indeed.  The chance to just "be" for an extended period of time, without judgement, pressure, or stress?  Absolutely, yes! 

The Your Creative Connection Haw River Retreat in October (11th --15th) will be all of this, and more.  Won't you join us for what promises to be an experience like no other?  Registration is open, spaces are filling, and we'd hate for you to miss the opportunity "re-treat" yourself, unwind, renew, and recharge. 

Your art is waiting.



Until next time,