Aside from your travel to and from the location for each of our innovative events, everything you need is ready and waiting for your arrival.  The Haw River 2018 experience takes place on October 11--15th.  

A beautiful setting, ideal for inspiration and reflection?  Check!
The very reason we fell in love with the locations we have chosen for each Your Creative Connection event is because even though we are very near the modern conveniences of daily life, we are at a lovely remove from them as well.  At the Haw River State Park in Browns Summit, NC, there are ample spaces to park yourself on a shaded bench or a comfortable rocking chair, and listen to the bird song, lean into the lulling susurration of the trees, and marvel at the wooded beauty that surrounds you.  In much the same way we will share our work and our stories with you, we will also share some of the beauties our state has to offer – a winning combination, to be sure.

Hospitable lodgings?  Check! 
Our Haw River event will feature motor lodge style rooms with one single and one double bed, plus a private bath – all linens provided.  You can have a room to yourself, travel with friend or kin (mother, sister, aunt, niece), OR embrace the opportunity to make a new friend for life by rolling the dice and sharing your room with someone you’ve yet to meet.  Whichever option you choose, we are sure that you will enjoy your accommodations; just let us know your preference when you register to join the fun!

Tools and materials for all of the cool new things you will learn in 3 full day Studio Sessions?  Check!
We are thrilled to be working with each of our Sponsors who have made it oh-so-easy to share with you many of the products and materials that we each use in our own work!  Because we understand all too well how it feels to be without your favorite brush/scissors/markers/etc., we encourage you to bring any “must haves” for your creative adventures.    Just know that you will not have to procure a lengthy list of supplies in order to fully enjoy and benefit from the incredible studio sessions that make up Your Creative Connection events.

Instruction in a unique array of mixed media techniques and methods?  Check!
In addition to the founders and hostesses of Your Creative Connection, your Teaching Artists will include a revolving cast of amazing artists from all over the country!  You will immerse yourself in a whole day of instruction with each Artist – learning all sorts of new tricks as well as new ways to utilize old favorites in your home studio.  On the day of our departure, you’ll also have front row seats at the Au Revoir Extravaganza:  our very own Your Creative Connection Studio Exhibit featuring work by your Teaching Artists AND yourself AND all your new Art Sisters!  

Time and space to slow down, and catch up with yourself?  Check! 
Our goal is for you to return home energized and inspired to continue your creative connection!  Need to keep up your exercise routine?  No worries:  clearly marked paths allow for getting in a good walk at various times each day, and gentle stretching exercises under the trees in the mornings will have you loosened up and ready to create each day.  Break time is built into your schedule so you can step away from your work table without worry of missing a thing.  Perhaps your idea of ‘retreat’ is being able to linger at the work table well into the night (?) We feel ya’!  That’s exactly why we have Open Studio, every night.  Once you arrive, and choose your seat, your space is YOUR SPACE until it’s time to head home. Don’t worry, Studio space is secured overnight.  

Thought-provoking discussions?  Check!
If you have ever spent time in a gathering of artists, this will come as no surprise! If this is your first foray into the world of art retreats, these occurrences will be replete with “A-ha moments” as you revel in the joy that is discovering that YES, there are people just like you -- folks who have a fierce *even if seemingly odd to others* love for all things mixed media (art supplies, the understanding that hardware store and art supply store are not necessarily two different places,  a reverence for the patina of tattered papers and aged metals, a profound appreciation for quality materials as well as the fortuitousness of ‘the perfect’ found object). We have never entered into a group of artists and NOT experienced some form of this phenomenon:  the recognition of your Tribe – the echo of “Oh, me too!”  This notion, and the desire to facilitate its expansion, was a crucial component in the establishment of Your Creative Connection.  

Delicious meals and delectable snacks prepared for you every day?  Check! 
The Chefs (yes, Chefs) at Haw River State Park work wonders with food for great numbers of people!  At Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner you will be treated to top notch eats.  Do you have special dietary needs? Odds are that they can be accommodated without you having to feel like you are missing out on anything!  Please be sure to provide the necessary details when you complete your registration. Delicious snacks are hand made on the premises, and make for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up! Can’t art without your chocolate?  Fear not, dearest guest – we can’t either, and we have some tasty surprises up our sleeves.

Dedicated quiet space if all of this gets to be too much?  Check!
Have you ever thought that maybe you were an Introvert in an Extrovert’s world? We get it!  As excited as we all get in anticipation of a great, new, fun thing it can be a little overwhelming.  It is for that very reason that we have an established Quiet Zone – a place to step away and have a moment to regroup, if needed.

Heaping helpings of amazing, artful, laugh-until-your-face-hurts fun?  Check!
Believe us when we tell you:  Your Creative Connection is all of this and MORE!

All of this at a reasonable price, with optional payment plans?  Check!
Deposit to reserve your space:  $150.  Retreat balance:  $1350.  Payment plans are available, see the registration form to choose one which fits your needs. 
Registration is now open–spaces are limited, and we’d hate for you to miss it!