Thankful Thursday - Options

Years ago, before the advent of personal GPS units and Smart Phones, I learned a valuable lesson from the man who would become my husband – which he had learned from his father, a retired Army Special Forces Sgt. Major:  Always have three (3) ways to get to and from where ever you are going.  At the time, and respective to the issue at hand (primarily, ensuring that you had an alternate route to avoid delay and/or aggravation), it was impactful enough.  Over 20 years later, I find that that simple notion has informed virtually every area of my life in one way or another…


In my most recent incarnation as an Artist and Instructor, “I am all about having options” might well be considered my Mantra (!)  I often open a workshop by informing my fellow artists that I am there merely to show them some ways to do A thing – not THE way to do some things.  In previous working and leadership positions, I have relied on entertaining multiple options as a means to involve the minds of all those involved in a project/event/undertaking – sometimes, the best ideas come from the team member least likely to interject.  Everyone appreciates feeling appreciated.  Creatively speaking, having options often equates to finding new ways to use old tricks/materials/mediums – it is a fun way to challenge myself and an easy way to keep things fresh/new.  As with any endeavor, having options can be the golden ticket to increased success, comfort, and/or safety for all involved.  What’s not to love about that?

Additionally, numerous studies now confirm that increased productivity and autonomy (aka:  Options) are directly linked in the workplace*.  It stands to reason that these findings would hold true in other areas of Life, yes?  Having options, or autonomy, or the sense of freedom that they impart instills a happiness that only heightens our joy and lightens our load.

If one is allowed to choose what they are remembered for, I should like to be fondly recalled for having spread joy, offered ease, and smoothed the rough edges of this world – even if only for a while.  What ways can you offer yourself options in the next week?  How might you develop that action into a habit?  I’d love to hear how having different approaches works for you!  Leave a comment, here – or drop us a comment on Facebook.


Alas, like fine wine and lovely cheese:  nothing lasts forever.  So it is true that the end of this month (05/31) will bring to a close one of the Payment Options that we offer for our Your Creative Connection experience.  If you want to take advantage of our 3-Payment Installment Plan, act quickly – register today, and get your deposit in by 05/31.  Should you have any questions or concerns about registration, the content of the event, or something we have not addressed on the site:  please contact us!  Things are falling nicely into place behind the scenes.  We'll have LOADS more to share in the coming weeks & we can't wait to see you in October! 

Until next time!
 ~ PLA



*Based on articles at:  Business Insider,, Harvard Business Review, and Inc.