Thankful Thursday - Partnership

One of the distinctive beauties of being an artist is the serendipitous nature of collaboration or partnership involved in what is, in the main, a solitary venture.  While we often work in solitude, the artist is never wholly ‘alone’ in their endeavors.  From the affiliation with galleries, festivals,  and/or other venues to sell ones work, to the interactions with those who love and support our work, to the companionship of students for the teaching artist -- there are myriad forms of alliance (once again:  connections!)

We are very fortunate here at Your Creative Connection to have creative partnerships with a handful of the outfits who make some of our favorite things!  Just last weekend, we were able to share some perfect papery goodness with the attendees at our Notes to Our Future Selves  PopUp Art Event in the form of samples from the fine folks at Strathmore Artist Papers.

Our guests enjoyed an afternoon of creative communion, whiling away the hours making Mixed Media Mail Art and remembering what matters.  We will have a full and proper recounting of the day in a future post (replete with LOADS o’ photos)…  The creating didn’t end when the event was over, tho’!  We took our own advice to heart and created postcards to thank not only our guests, but our partners in creativity as well.

I have been a fan of Strathmore’s toned papers (Tan and Gray) since they came out a couple of years ago.  The NEW Blue Toned Mixed Media paper (coming soon to an art supplier near you) may be my new personal favorite (!)  ...and the new Heavyweight Mixed Media is DIVINE (and totally deserving of its own blog post)!  This fall will mark the 11th year I have worked in partnership with Strathmore to promote their offerings.  I am grateful for the opportunity to share with others the goods that make what I do so enjoyable.  I would love to be able to share some of that goodness with YOU! 

Let’s have a Give-Away!  Super easy, loads of fun, and three lucky folks will each get a trio of Mixed Media Paper sample pads – sound good?  Here’s how you can enter for your chance to win:  each action garners one (1) entry…

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C – Share the post on Facebook, and give your friends a chance to win

On Tuesday morning (04/17/18), I will engage the services of my pet partner – the inimitable Wito the Wonder Dog – to draw the winners.  Best of luck and remember:  you can’t win if you don’t play!

Until next time!
 - PLA