Thankful Thursday – Connection

Lately, I have had much cause to revel over and reflect upon the wonder that is Connection.  Whether observed as an amalgamation (aka:  combination, blending, unification), or a coalition (alliance, confederation, league, society), or an agreement (harmony, accord, unity) it typically denotes a beneficial union…

I recall learning years ago that “the shortest distance between two fixed points is a straight line” – and then being required to do math involving letters to prove this and several other notions, repeatedly (?)  Author Patti Digh has said “[t]he shortest distance between two people is their stories,” and this rings true for me *over and over* both before and after its hearing.  Perhaps truer still, the amazing Victor Borge told us “[l]aughter is the shortest distance between two people.”  It would appear that there are as many ways to describe connection as there are ways to manifest it – laughter being a personal favorite (!) 

This year I have been particularly aware of the many different instances of connection woven throughout each day.  Be it personal, professional, creative, business, or otherwise the power of each is profound.  The intersection of different social circles, like overlapping ripples on the surface of still water – peaceful, sustaining, creating new patterns and movements.  We are daily changed by the choices we make and the connections we forge, however brief they may be.  I am daily grateful for the fact that this amazing exercise is ongoing, and that there is no shortage of opportunity for more of it.

I am particularly grateful for the amazing connections I share with my creative cohorts, Michelle Davis Petelinz and Jeanne Faith d’Orleans.  There have been stories shared and laughter echoed to strengthen this coming together.  There is a certain synergy to our exchanges, and it yields the sweetest results!  The latest of which will be on display on April 7th!  We invite you to jump start your Spring in an afternoon with Your Creative Connection as we host our very first Pop Up Art Event:  Notes to our Future Selves.  Hands on creative fun, the double joys of connection and community, and mail art to share or treasure.  We have loads of fun in store; and it’s an excellent way to get your creative juices flowing.  Register today – space is limited!

Until next time!

p.s. -- …thinking that this topic sounds a bit familiar?  Yes, gentle reader, this is an area near and dear to our hearts and minds; Michelle has spoken of connection before, as have I.  I am fairly confident that we will, in our own time, touch on this again.  It is no coincidence that this is a recurring theme for us, or the larger part of our name.  It is at the very heart of what we do, what we offer, and what we seek.