Thankful Thursday - Making Meaningful Connections


We've often talked about connections--no wonder, since it's part of our name and our mission!  I was reminded again of the power of meaningful connections last weekend when I attended the Visual Art Exchange Summit.  This daylong event brought together a variety of people in the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, NC) who work in the arts, including arts administrators, consultants, makers, museum directors, teachers, etc. to ask the sometimes difficult questions about inclusion, diversity, community relations and presentation of challenging artwork.  It was a stimulating day, filled with more questions than answers, but productive dialogue around these topics is a great jumping-off point for viable future solutions.  

One of the breakout sessions revolved around the notion that meaningful connections between people and among groups form the basis of shared trust, commonality of experience, and knowledge, which can then lead to positive change, collaboration, and forward progress.  Yes, this sounds easy, and is probably pretty intuitive, but how many of us really take the time to do it in our daily interactions?  By taking the time to seek out information from the person across the table or over the telephone, you'll find areas of shared experience which will lead to greater understanding.  Even if it's someone with whom you've worked before, you may find amazing things you share.  Case in point:  I have a colleague with whom I've worked for about a year in my disability arts teaching and board of director roles, but it wasn't until we sat together at the Summit that we discovered we both have had spinal fusion surgery (albeit 34 years apart)!  Something clicked into place for both of us upon the realization that we share something very few people do--and we almost simultaneously said "I KNEW there was a reason I liked you!"  Our future collaborations will be informed by this realization, and our relationship will be stronger because of it.  Cool, right?!

We know our Creative Explorers will make many meaningful connections during our time together in October.  There will be ample time to ask, learn, and discover the wonderful things we share as creative women.  It's already shaping up to be quite the event, and we can't wait to welcome you into the Circle!  Time is passing quickly, but there is still time to take advantage of our payment options.  Your deposit is your first step on the Your Creative Connection journey, so don't delay--Register today.  And, if you know of a woman who loves all things mixed media as much as you do, make the connection with her, and share our information--we'd love to welcome her into our Circle too!  

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Thankful Thursday - Creative Connections OR: The Joys of Showing Up

This week I had occasion to discover once again how connected we all are, and how powerful it can be to have a moment of "full immersion" in community with others.  It started with an “if-you-are-interested” email last week from a long-time art buddy, regarding the SMASH 2018 event presented by Triangle ArtWorks.  That email prompted another, which resulted in my registration for said event.  …then it was Monday evening, and I had one of those “do-I-really-want-and/or-need-to-go-do-this-thing?” conversations with myself – you know:  those monologues in which you question your own motives/suitability/value in any given situation wherein there is the actual (or even possible) likelihood of awkwardness/discomfort…

Second guessing aside, I approached my Tuesday with optimism and excitement, *it really, usually is simply a matter of choice/perspective (!)* and am so very glad of it!  I enjoyed a quick visit with a couple o’ art pals in the afternoon to see the space and discuss the set-up for my first Private Event of the year.  I also had time to enjoy a quick jaunt to The Scrap Exchange (all the more fortuitous as they had some FABULOUS paper that I can immediately put to use). 

Then, it was time to go and do the thing!  In addition to attending with 2 long-time friends, I encountered a handful of folks I already knew and don’t see nearly often enough.  Funny, isn’t it, how a few moments with the familiar can put one so much more at ease in a crowd of strangers?  As an added bonus (and, pretty much the stated purpose of the event) I met a few more folks that it will be quite lovely to get to know better.  In the intervening two days, I have reached out to ensure that that will happen; happily, there has been a near immediate exchange of information to the betterment of us all.  Plus:  I had an incredible Strawberry Crepe and saw a section of the Berlin Wall (!) 

As I headed home, I had to wonder where the resistance that I had experienced the night before came from?  If I have learned anything in the past 10 years, it is that there exists a certain ‘constancy’ in coming together with like-minded folks.  My evening at SMASH proved no exception to that rule (!)  I had a lovely time, met some interesting (and interested) individuals, had the opportunity to talk about art (my own and that of others), and added a brand-new experience to my history.  What’s NOT to love?

Artifacts of an evening well-spent...

Artifacts of an evening well-spent...

What will you do today/tomorrow/next week/this year to expand your own creative connections?  How will you show up to further the advancement of your dreams/goals/desires?  Join in the conversation by leaving us a comment!  Keep up with all the latest news and developments in the land of Your Creative Connection by subscribing to our Newsletter -- we have BIG news coming, very soon! 

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