Making Space to Create

Mine is a custom-built studio in the daylight basement of my home. Designed and built by my husband who is also an artist, it is where I spend most of my time when I am not teaching art to children and people with disabilities. Before that, it was our guest bedroom. Before that, it was in a corner of our apartment’s master bedroom—a desk, a chair, a lamp, and a 3-drawer cabinet (I don’t know HOW I managed to create what I did in that space!). Whether yours is a spare room, in your garage, in a shared space with other artists, or your kitchen table…it doesn’t really matter where you create—it matters that you make space TO create. I truly believe the world would be a better place if everyone made space in their lives to create. We know that art can soothe and alleviate stress (which is why the adult coloring book craze was a success), and it can also open new areas of discovery, give a sense of accomplishment, and yes, make the world a more beautiful place. And, as one study found, creating art rewards your brain.

We here at Your Creative Connection have made providing welcoming spaces for women to create our mission. Something special happens when a group of women get together to create, either independently, or in collaboration. The laughter, the creative sparks, and the camaraderie are infectious. This is what we strive to present, to mixed media artists as well as those who are simply curious about a project or technique they’ve seen and wish to try.

Our Arts in the Parks series continues in February with: Notan: The Japanese Art of Light and Dark. Our creative space will be the Halifax Community Center in Raleigh, on Saturday the 16th. We hope you’ll join us to explore this elegant, and intriguing design method. Seats are limited, and registration is open now. Click here to reserve your seat, and to learn about the other creative events in the series: Art in the Parks

I hope you will make space in your life to create—the world and your brain will thank you for it!

Until next time,