Thankful Thursday -- Our First Year!

One year ago today, we greeted the World Wide Web with our very 1st Blog post! One year ago tomorrow marks the annivesary of our very 1st Thankful Thursday post. While not everything has gone according to plan in the past year, we have indeed made many creative connections — and by our estimation, that is cause for celebrating.


SO… for the remainder of November, we will be celebrating in an abundant and plentiful manner! There will be creative goodness presented weekly across all of our social media platforms AND a big, fat GIVEAWAY at the end of the month!

As always, our Newsletter Subscribers are the 1st to hear of our offerings. What’s that? YOU are not yet among the inner circle of information reception? Believe us when we tell you that NOW would be an ideal time to remedy that! GO — poste haste, and subscribe to our very low-volume missives — that is the best way to ensure that you never miss out on the creative goings on here at Your Creative Connection. Speaking of which: Newsletter Subscribers should keep a keen eye on their email inboxes, as we have BIG news on the way this week about a whole NEW way to enjoy creative connection and artful association.

Until tomorrow!