Thankful Thursday/Thursday Thirteen Mashup

Back in my early days of blogging (2007-8), I participated in a meme called Thursday Thirteen.  The idea behind it was to write a post each week, on Thursday, listing 13 things about a subject of your choice.  Followers of 'Thirteeners' blogs would comment upon the lists, and share links.  It was a fun way to get to know other bloggers, and a weekly challenge to come up with 13 things to write about (the link above takes you to my very first post).  I was reminded of this today as I thought about what to post for Thankful Thursday, so I decided to do a mashup of both ideas, and since I am a lover and almost constant player of online word games, I present to you:

Thankful Thursday Thirteen:  13 Words Which Can Be Made
From the Word Thankful 

(I know there are more, but I confined myself to words containing 4 or more letters)

  1. Lank
  2. Hank
  3. Tank
  4. Hunk
  5. Flunk
  6. Flat
  7. Ankh 
  8. Than
  9. Flan
  10. Flank
  11. Half
  12. Haft
  13. Thunk (for this, I received the dreaded spell check wavy red line, but Merriam-Webster disagrees, offering these definitions:  1. dialectal past tense and past participle of think, or 2. a flat hollow sound.  How else to describe the sound of a big book hitting the floor?!)

So where else does the thankful come in?  I am immensely thankful for word games, which keep my mind sharp (although unfortunately they don't really help much with the 'why did I enter this room,' or 'what was I about to tell you' questions).  Here are the games I play online or on my phone daily, in case you're inquisitively (cool 13-letter word!) wondering:  


On FacebookPuzzly Words (multi-player, timed, each player receives the same 16 letters and must make the best words from them)
Word Champs (multi-player, timed, players see the same 16 letters, and must make the best up to 10-letter word from them, with options for unveiling hidden bonus letters)
and occasionally, Scrabble.


On the phone:  Words by Post (2-player, Scrabble-like board and play)
Lexulous (2- or 3-player, Scrabble-like board, can play US or UK rules), and
UpWords (2-player version of the board game:  each player gets her own rack of 7 letters, and makes words by placing tiles on top of existing letters to create new words)

If you too enjoy word games, perhaps I'll see you across the virtual table.  If so, good luck and great letters to us both!