Michelle Davis Petelinz

Artist, teacher, sister, mother, wife, friend, and citizen of the world, I'm passionate about sharing techniques and tips which I've used in my own work, and in teaching art to people of all ages and abilities.  I have conducted classes and workshops at the Sertoma Art Center, Jerry's Artarama, Total Life Center, Life Experiences, and I have been the resident artist at Wake Enterprises since 2012.  Having taught students from age 17 months to 102 years old, I can truly say that I have witnessed the power of art to engage, excite, and make the world a more colorful place.   In addition to my teaching duties, I also display and sell my work in galleries and art festivals; direct the art program for a yearly 2-day art and music festival in downtown Raleigh; and consult on a variety of art projects for people with disabilities through Arts Access.  

As I create my own mixed media work, I am irresistibly drawn to incorporate symbols, patterns, textures and colors found in African and Native American cultures, which are my heritage.  My art-to-wear and wall pieces often feature original, hand cut stamps; gelatin prints; painted papers; handmade papers; and polymer clay.

I often work in a series, visually exploring the cultural significance of decoration and symbology.  Influences include the Ndebele painted houses of South Africa; Korhogo cloth patterns from the Ivory Coast; Ghanaian gold weights; Bogolan mud cloth from Mali; and patterns used in Ethiopian body painting.  My goal is to interpret these visual elements so they will resonate with the viewer as objects at once unusual and familiar; evoking ancestral and contemporary design; and speaking across cultures to the deep well of the universal.  My website is: Kindred Spirit Studios, and my blog is:  Artventuring.  

I will be leading creative events sharing techniques to create multi-dimensional paper elements, and ways to personalize your gelatin mono printing and collage papers with a variety of stamp-making techniques.