Why are 8 butterflies the Your Creative Connection logo?

The butterfly is symbolic of transformation, moving through life cycles, lightness of being, and the world of the soul.  The number 8 symbolizes balance and harmony. Our events seek to provide a truly enriching experience in all of these areas. 

Is everything really included?

Yes!  Exciting evening activities, all meals and snacks, plus creative surprises every day.  Of course, you may bring your favorite, must-have art supplies, but everything you'll need to fully participate in all three Studio Sessions is included in the cost of your registration. 

What about food sensitivities?

The chefs at Haw River have you covered.  We ask about food sensitivities on the Registration Form, and we will inform the chefs about your needs.  

Are payment plans still available?

The earlier you register, the more options you'll have for breaking up your payments.  You'll find the currently available options on our Registration Form.  

Payment and refund policies?

Registration deadline? 

Waiting list?


Will I be able to choose a roommate?

If you choose to share the private room included in your registration, you may!  You should each name the other on your registration forms to ensure correct pairing. 

Will there be a "what to pack" list?

Yes.  As we get closer to October, we'll publish a list of suggestions for registered Creative Explorers, but remember, you won't be weighed down with art supplies; they're all included!

How do I get to the Haw River State Park?  

May I bring a guest, and is there a minimum age requirement? 

Everyone at the event must be registered, and we request that all Creative Explorers be at least 18 years of age. 

What if my question isn't answered here?  

You can always contact Penny or Michelle at:  contact@yourcreativeconnectioninc.com